The Five Point Quality Test

Customers regularly tell us of the nightmares they’ve had when buying items from platforms such as eBay or Facebook. The tales of items not arriving and those that do are often sub-quality and not fit for purpose. Others who have tried to sell items tell us of buyers wanting goods for fraction of the actual value and some buyers even asking if they can have items for free.

Reloved acts as an agent for sellers and thus takes many, if not all, of these problems away. We take stock and sell it on the seller’s behalf, the seller then just collects what is owned after the selling period is over.

We are frequently asked where our Reloved clothing comes from? There are two distinct routes for acquiring new stock. The first is through commercial sellers, these can be manufacturers that have excess stock that they want to move on. Other commercial sellers need to clear lines they to make way for new lines that they are stocking. The second route are independent sellers, these are mainly families who for whatever reason have brand new and nearly new items of designer clothing that is of no use to them. Instead of just throwing (or giving) them away, they pass them onto us and we again sell their items over a given sales period which at the end of the seller collects what is owed to them. Simple really!

Everyone benefits! Sellers move stock on quickly, families don’t have the hassle and frustration of eBay, Facebook or the multitude of other seller sites. And for you the customer, you get great quality items at unbelievable prices.

How do we ensure such high quality, I hear you say?

This is where our ‘Five Point Test’ comes in. Before an item hits the shelves or the website it goes through five checks to ensure it is at it’s very best.

The Five Point Test

Test 1.

When the stock first arrives, the quality is checked. Brand, colour, condition is all checked. Anything not meeting our high standards is returned to the seller at this point.

Test 2.

The clothing is then logged and checked again. This time we look for the details, is there any ware and tare, is there any damage (however small), this could be a missing button or a faulty seam. Again, if it does not meet our high expectations we will reject it at this point.

Test 3.

The item then goes onto finishing. In other words, its ironed and made ready for the shop floor. When ironing occasionally minor defects are found. If that is the case the item is rejected.

Test 4.

If the piece of clothing gets to this point it in very good condition. However, next we place each item under bright studio lighting. This picks up any colour irregularities, such as a stain that has been washed out and can’t be seen in day light. You guessed it, if it doesn’t pass the test its rejected at this point.

Test 5.

The hang! This is one final look over as we place the item on the shop floor. And there it is! One piece of pristine designer clothing ready for you little ones to love. And the best bit, piece of mind that you’re getting something quality without the stress of the hit and miss seller internet sites.