Our Story

Established in 2012, Reloved has become a firm favourite with families far and wide. As a family run business, we have placed a tremendous amount of our experience of raising an energetic family into our mission of ‘helping families thrive’.

There are two distinct components to Reloved that enable us to achieve our goal.

It’s time to RElove a bygone age where toys were toys, long lasting, durable, high quality, great for learning those oh-so important skills and most of all... they are FUN!

Too often, as a family we were buying toys and gifts that were expensive and substandard. Much of what was on offer made lots of electronic noises, made from second-rate plastic materials which broke or damaged within weeks if not days. More importantly, we discovered that are children were learning little from these toys as room from imagination was limited.

At Reloved we made it our mission to support families in discovering the very best, educational, sustainable and durable toys and gifts on the market. We go to extra-ordinary lengths to find the best quality wooden toy (those that will last a life-time) and the very best handcrafted (not on the high street) gifts for those special occasions. We have worked hand to ensure that as many of our products are ethically manufactured and come from sustainable sources. All our toys and gifts are brand new and most importantly are great value for money.


Recycle, Reuse, Relove

When raising three children the house-hold budget was always on our radar. Clothing our little ones was a particular issue. They just grew out of new clothes so quickly! This made buying high quality designer clothing difficult if not just impossible therefore we would turn to the supermarket brands which would have faded and starting to look tatty after only a couple of washes.

What if it could be possible to recycle all of those designer clothes which had never or rarely worn and bring this to the market place? This is exactly what Reloved does!

We are a seller agent for preloved, new or nearly new designer children’s clothes bringing them back to the market at unbelievable prices. This meant that anyone with fast growing little ones could dress them in the best quality, durable clothing at prices they could afford.

The other great element of this idea is we are cutting down on the waste of just throwing clothes away that don’t fit anymore and sellers can redeem some of the expense they first invested.

So that is our shop, we hope you enjoy exploring our website and please visit us in the shop if you are ever in Newark.